Smart Infrastructures Developer

Smart Infrastructures Developer

Smart Infrastructures Developer

Transportation Engineering and Mobility

Transportation Engineering and Mobility


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Entry key and information

Awards Level 2
Mode of Study Full Time
Duration 2 years + (activities for extra 10 ETCS are requested)
Location 21, via Claudio – 80125 Napoli (Italy) –

Entry Requirements:

Candidate students require a level 6 qualification (or above), according to the European Qualifications Framework (EQF). Moreover, they¬†should provide evidence of English language proficiency at level B2 or above (otherwise, individual English proficiency testing could be done immediately after enrolment). For non-EU candidate students, a B2 English certificate is strictly needed. A certificate issued by the bachelor’s degree University or an MOI (Medium of Instruction) certificate is also accepted.

The MSc in Transportation Engineering And Mobility preferably requires a bachelor’s in Engineering. Otherwise, particular conditions must be checked:

  • At least 36 ETCS in basic sciences (maths, physics, etc.)
  • At least 39 ETCS in industrial engineering, information, and communication technology, or civil engineering; of these, at least 18 ETCS in civil engineering.

Non-EU candidates must follow a pre-admission roadmap for obtaining a visa to study in Italy.

For more admission information, see the relevant web page.

Additional activities

It is requested an additional amount of activities (10 extra ECTS):

  • 4 ETCS in additional seminars, workshops, and lab activities
  • 6 ETCS for a subject on smart infrastructures, based on lectures and final examination.