The lecturers of the Master’s program in Transport and Mobility Engineering come from two different departments of Federico II University: the Department of Civil, Building, and Environmental Engineering; the Department of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology. Faculty members and departments are subject to assessment by the students. The study program is also subject to evaluation. Yearly evaluation of study programs and departments are publically accessible:


Study Program Director

Cino Bifulco

Professor in Transportation Engineering

I am at your disposal, together with the Executive Board and the entire team of Faculty Members of the Study Programme in Transportation Engineering and Mobility. We try to accompany you in the growth of your skills and the development of opportunities for your future. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Study Program Executive Board

The Executive Board of the faculty members of the Study Program in Transportation Engineering and Mobility is in charge of executing key tasks for the excellence of the Study Program: orientation, internationalization, and insurance of quality. Moreover, the admissions committee plays a crucial, very onerous, and particularly responsible role during the application period.

MSc-TEAMFaculty Members

Faculty members of the Study Program in Transportation Engineering and Mobility are responsible for classes, lectures, labs, and internships. They are the team that lets MSc-TEAMS work. Faculty members are the first reference for any student of our Study Program. They are on the front line every day with availability and competence.
Our values are excellence in technical and scientific preparation and knowledge and skill in teaching. We are all driven by a strong sense of belonging to the University of Naples Federico II, and we hope to be able to pass this on to our students.