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Transportation Engineering and Mobility

MSc TEAM at Federico II in Naples

Transportation engineers interconnect services, modes, vehicles, and infrastructures. They manage complexity, facilitating or creating innovative business both for large transport operators and for a distributed ecosystem of actors, boosting economic growth and, at the same time, ensuring sustainability. MSc-TEAM trains a new generation of experts with excellent skills in modeling and simulating transportation systems. You can enter the MSc-TEAM with almost any bachelor’s degree in engineering, and the Study Program allows an effective start in any semester of the year.


Study Plans

Smart Mobility

Choose Smart Mobility if your attitude is toward digital technologies or if you believe the future of mobility lies in the connection and interoperability of vehicles, infrastructure, and services. We will take you by hand to apply new digital technologies to the transportation arena. Regardless of your engineering background, you will be ready to face new challenges in transportation.

Smart Planning

Is your vision to address decision-making problems in transportation through rigorous and up-to-date tools? Learn how to develop and master decision support systems. Apply them to the field of strategic infrastructure planning or service scheduling, or operational management of networks. Become a Smart Planning expert in freight and passenger transport. Choose the Smart Planning study curriculum.

Resilient Networks

Build your professional skills on Resilient Networks. Physical infrastructures are often old, and the problem of keeping them efficient and safe is a crucial issue. Local failures quickly propagate in terms of network efficiency, with possible disruptive effects, requiring duly analyses and remediation strategies for improving both local and global resilience of transportation networks for freights and passengers.

Further Options
Add a Minor

Smart Infrastructures Developer

Get your supplement diploma in Smart Infrastructure Developer (SID). Get certified in a national program under the auspices of the Italian Minister of the University with a commitment of 10 extra ETCS. Whatever your maior curriculum is in Smart Mobility, Smart Planning, or Resilient Networks, expand your education with the SID minor.



The Master’s degree in Transportation Engineering and Mobility is young and is increasing its services to meet the needs of Italian and international students. We know that accommodation and scholarship policies are the weak points in our action, which can only be carried out at the university level on these issues. On the other hand, the university carries out support policies for the right to study with particular attention to keeping tuition fees very low. Our Master’s degree promoted the University Federico II of Naples’ membership of the Uni-Italia network, which provides support abroad for international student applicants. Our pride and joy are the well-equipped laboratories, study spaces, and student services offered by our master’s degree.



Smeraldo Fiorentini

Smeraldo Fiorentini is the general manager of Almaviva’s Transportation Division. He welcomes the candidate students for the Master’s Degree in Transportation Engineering and Mobility.

Almaviva is an Italian multinational company with about 45,000 employees in Information and Communication Technology. A Transportation Division operates within the group, with more than 1,000 professionals. The Division grows based on talented people in ICT and transportation engineering. A new generation of engineers will help the company to reach new goals and face new markets.

Francesca Paudice

Francesca Paudice obtained her master’s degree in transport engineering and now works at Tecne, a company of the group (ASPI) Autostrade per l’Italia.

Francesca tells how it is necessary to have the necessary modelling and simulation skills for transport networks in order to test complex traffic regulation and optimisation policies as well as functional and structural network upgrades before implementation..

Ennio Cascetta

Ennio Cascetta is the President of the National Cluster for Transportation, composed of more than 30 companies and research centers in all areas of transportation, with a total turnover of 33 billion euros per year and thousands of workers.

A new generation of technicians should master the upcoming changes in transportation, says Cascetta. We need new engineers, young and open-minded people. We need people who think differently than in the past. For these reasons, the Cluster expresses its interest in MSc-TEAM. We look forward to seeing many young graduates helping their own country and, why not, Europe take a leading role in the era of transitions.