Ennio Cascetta, at least 3 good reasons for joining now MSC TEAM

by Apr 16, 2023

Ennio Cascetta

President of the National Cluster for Transportation, composed of more than 30 companies and research centers in all areas of transportation, with a total turnover of 33 billion euros per year and thousands of workers.

There are at least three compelling reasons to take the leap and join the innovative program by MSc TEAM. Enrolling in the program: 1) offers an exciting opportunity to be at the forefront of the ever-evolving transportation and mobility industry, 2) improves your understanding of new technologies’ impact, and 3) meets labor market stakeholders’ expectations.
Get ready to take on the future of transportation and mobility by enrolling in MSc TEAM.

A new generation of technicians should master the upcoming changes in transportation, says Ennio Cascetta. We need new engineers, young and open-minded people. We need people who think differently than in the past. For these reasons, the Cluster expresses its interest in MSc-TEAM. We look forward to seeing many young graduates helping their own country and, why not, Europe take a leading role in the era of transitions.

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About Cino Bifulco
Cino Bifulco is a Faculty Member of the University of Naples Federico II. On behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, he contributed to drafting the national guidelines for the digital transformation of road infrastructure (Smart Road). On behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport, he participated in the drafting of the European Commission's Strategic Transport Research Agenda on the topic of connected and automated transport. The Ministry of University and Research appointed him to the working group to draft the National Research Plan 2021-2027. He is a member of the European Commission's Group E01941 on Intelligent Transport Systems (Cooperative - ITS subgroup) and a member of the National Technical Committee "Autonomous and Connected Driving" of the AIPCR (Permanent International Association of Road Congresses) - World Association. Cino is the Director of the Study Program in Transportation Engineering and Mobility.