Federico II toward modular and autonomous mobility

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Federico II develops modular and autonomous mobility as part of an agreement with Getplus

The agreement anticipates further initiatives involving the University in the technological and applicative validation of essential innovations by Getplus. Getplus is a dynamic tech company in passenger traffic management, and transportation of freights. It is developing a new electric mobility system using modular and autonomous vehicles called PODs.

Addressing the innovation in transportation and mobility

The mobility industry and services arena is undergoing rapid changes. The University of Naples Federico II participates in the development and innovation process. Moreover, the University is training a new generation of highly qualified technicians to deal with future vehicles, infrastructures, and transport services. The strength of the Getplus/Next solution is its modularity and flexibility. The solution can express its full potential when deployed within the paradigm of CCAM (Cooperative, Connected and Automated Mobility).

Cino Bifulco, Professor of Transport Engineering, declares:

“The projects underway at the University of Naples Federico II are all part of a long-term strategy. The University Federico II will put itself at the forefront of the transport revolution.” As the University-side responsible for the agreement, I’m proud to frame the cooperation for modular and autonomous vehicles with Getplus within our portfolio of initiatives. Projects include i) the recently established National Centre for Sustainable Mobility; ii) our master’s degree courses, in particular, the international one in Transportation Engineering and Mobility; iii) the industry-oriented PhDs; iv) and the Federico II Task Force for Smart and Sustainable Mobility”.

Domenico Giudici, a board member of Getplus in charge of external relationships, adds:

“The modular conformation of the Next’s PODS and their fleet management software allows the reduction of about 60 percent of urban freight and passenger traffic. Federico II University will work alongside Getplus as a product development and optimization partner through its engineering excellence. Researchers of the University Federico II will join the international team now developing the modular and autonomous vehicles between Padua and Dubai. This cooperation begins an Italian journey of excellence in sustainable electric and autonomous mobility”.

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