Uni-Italia breaks the wall to study in Italy for Indian applicants

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The Uni-Italia network is an organization that supports the internationalization of Italian universities. The network has strong connections with many Italian Universities and the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
The University of Naples Federico II has joined the network.

Uni-Italia operates internationally. For now, the University of Naples Federico II has established specific contacts for the India operations of Uni-Italia.

As an international student, you can use the services provided by Uni-Italia at various stages of the application process. Although these services are chargeable, the cost is reasonable and may be worth the investment. Using Uni-Italia’s services, you can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to fraudulent offers from local agencies and procurers.

The University of Naples Federico II has activated special cooperation for Indian Students. Uni-Italia in India operates with the main office in Mumbai, as well as an office in New Delhi. Uni-Italia offers advanced services, as detailed in the Mumbai and New Delhi brochures.  The support includes a flexible mix of the following services: guidance in the pre-enrolment application, guidance in Declaration of Value (DoV) application, guidance in the legalization of documents for scholarship application, translation of study documents to Italian, and guidance in Study Visa Application.
After receiving their Application Resume from UniversItaly, students with a pre-admission letter can use the guide service to Apply for a Study Visa.

Moreover, candidate Indian students can find for free the document list requested by the Italian embassies and consulates in India for issuing the visa after a successful pre-enrolment process once the embassy or consulate has received through the UniversItaly portal the Application Resume.
Lists of required documents for interacting with the embassy/consulate of Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkota are for New Delhi and Mumbai.


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